Getting Help
We all give and receive counseling on a regular basis. Whether we realize it or not, every word of advice or every opinion we give a friend can be considered “informal” counseling. God created us as relational beings, needing each other’s help in order to live the way that He’s called us to. Grace Biblical Counseling Ministries was founded to serve people who are seeking a more structured, very focused time of counseling by someone who has been trained as a biblical counselor. We believe firmly in the supreme sufficiency of God’s Word to address all the issues we face in life.

The process for getting help from Grace Biblical Counseling Ministries is simple. You can make a counseling inquiry in one of two ways, depending on your preference: you can either email us at info@gbfc.org, or you can call us at 469.840.4105. You will receive a response from our administrator, who will ask you a few basic questions. These questions include asking for contact information, as well as asking for a brief explanation of why you’re seeking counseling. Our administrator will explain some of the details about GBCM, such as what biblical counseling is, the days and times when we offer counseling, what a typical counseling session would be like, and would be glad to answer any additional questions you may have.

At that point, if you would like to continue pursuing counseling, we will send you three forms, either through the post office or by email. These forms ask for information about yourself and the reasons you’re seeking counseling. Once they’re filled out and sent back to us, they will be given to the director of GBCM for review. If there is a counselor immediately available, we will get in contact with you to set up your first session. Every now and then we have a waiting list, and if that is the case we will be sure to let you know and keep you updated as to the timeframe that you can expect to see someone.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to offer biblical counseling free of charge. It is a far greater reward for us to see God at work in people’s lives as He heals wounds and brings about lasting change.

If you have any additional questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions here.